In Nakamise Asakusa in Edo
Carefully restrained
It is said that there was Daifuku of delicious Anko
I use carefully selected domestic materials.
Bean paste is red bean from Tokachi.

Daifuku with plenty of domestic red bean paste

I stick to the material of red beans so that you can fully enjoy the flavor of plump red beans.
Skin is exquisite dusty texture that can not be said of rice cake rice. I improved the stickiness of the rice cakes.

Sticking Dango using carefully selected ingredients

This is a traditional Japanese food.
Sweet rice dumpling on a stick.

Something delicious in season

Kikuya offers a variety of limited seasonal selections.
Visit us at Nakamise, Asakusa in both the hot summers and cold winters for different seasonal tastes.

Limited Summer


Limited Winter